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    Makmai Villa

    Situated right by the Mae-Rum-Peung beach, Rayong, Makmai Villa offers you the perfect blend of beauty, comfort and serenity within just 2 hours from Bangkok.

    Our resort will surprise you with its charming character and cozy atmosphere. Whether you wish to have a relaxed vacation, organize a family/business outing, or simply to enjoy one of Thailand's most famous beaches, you will find it all here at Makmai Villa - your ultimate "holiday home."

Our Rooms

Makmai Villa (Rayong) consists of 27 hotel rooms and 4 suites from 2 - 6 beds. Each room is warmly decorated, equipped with TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and WiFi.

Our Houses

Makmai Villa (Rayong) offers 17 bungalows from 1 - 5 bedrooms, which are suitable for you whether you are a couple, small family or a large group. Each house is equipped with TV, hot shower, refrigerator, high-speed wireless Internet and a spacious porch.